Welcome To The Society Of Medical Evangelists

We are about meeting the greatest and most urgent of all our [the Seventh-Day Adventist Church] needs, which is a revival of true godliness among us.

This Society is not about supporting revivals of any kind except that revival, which alone is specifically identified by the Testimony of Jesus, as constituting the greatest and most urgent of all our needs - TRUE GODLINESS!

Godliness is godlikeness and godlikeness is godliness. Godliness is Christlikeness. It is likeness to Christ. It is being like Christ in life and character and thus working like Christ in ministry.

According to the testimony of Jesus Christ, godliness does exist among Seventh-day Adventists but only in form and, therefore, warrants or justifies the vital need for a revival of true godliness, which is the greatest and most urgent of all our needs.

The form of godliness or the form of Christlikeness represents a people professing to have a relationship with Christ and are doing a good 'godlike' work in Christ's name and for the advancement of Christ's kingdom and has the appearance of Christianity attached to it and seems to be in obedience to Christ's commands but ultimately has no life-giving, soul healing or soul restoring power. This form of godliness or form of Christlikeness in life and works contradicts the corresponding power that should be evident by such godlike profession.

For instance:

"Christ gave a perfect representation of true godliness by combining the work of a physician and a minister, ministering to the needs of both body and soul, healing physical disease, and then speaking words that brought peace to the troubled heart." CH 528

Yet, many of us would dare to profess that this same type of work is now being done among us, as Seventh-Day Adventists, and has been going on for many years, but such bold profession only serves to make of none effect the testimonies and promote the denial of the power thereof, for such professed representation of 'godliness' presently among us, exist in form alone.

What is God like? To understand and appreciate true godliness, which is the same as true godlikeness, we must first understand what God is like. We must first have a right conception of the character of God, which serves to bring forth the fruit of true godliness.

We cannot be godlike without God's life! Only when we possess His life then we can be godlike. If we had His life, then there would be no need for a revival because a revival is resurrection from apparent death. Because true godliness among Seventh-day Adventists had apparently died for more than a century.

The Society Of Medical Evangelists is about fulfilling the preordained conditions necessary to bring back the life of Christ into our Churches by giving a perfect representation of true godliness.