FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Who or what is the Society Of Medical Evangelists? See SOME response here.

  • A small community of God-fearing Seventh-day Adventists organized to cooperate in harmonious action, as specifically called for and outlined, in the straight testimony for the church [see 6T. 267; TM. 415, 416]. We take only such action that is solely resuscitative and restorative in its nature, geared to clearing and preparing the way for the breath of life to quickly return to our 'cold, lifeless, Christless churches... [1SM 357].  Thus a deliberate and legitimate organized effort, on the part of the Society Of Medical Evangelist, to aid in fulfilling only one mission, and that is to meet the greatest and most urgent of all our needs, for this is the sole purpose of our existence.
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What is true godliness?See SOME response here.

  • True godlikeness, True holiness. True Christlikeness, True likeness to Christ, in life, character and works. In essence, it is the truth of the gospel as it is in Jesus.
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What is the greatest and most urgent of all our needs?See SOME response here.

  • A revival of true godliness among us
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What is a revival of true godliness among?See SOME response here.

  • First of all, revival implies that there is apparent death. True godliness among is dead or true godliness does not exist among us, but only the form of godliness. In this case, true godliness among us needs to be resurrected, thus the need for a revival of true godliness.
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How long has the greatest and most urgent need existed and why and how has the church been contributing to the denial of this need?See SOME response here.

  • The greatest and most urgent of all our needs had existed before 1888 and is intimately connected to the Alpha of the apostasy which has metastasized into the Omega phase which is of a more startling nature.
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When did the Alpha of apostasy began?See SOME response here.

  • In the early 1890's the Please join the Society Of Medical Evangelists to learn more about this important topic.
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What is the Omega Apostasy?See SOME response here.

  • In essence, the Omega Apostasy is the rejection of the voice of God through His servant Sister White. Please join the Society Of Medical Evangelists to learn more about this important topic.
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We understand that the Society Of Medical Evangelists believes that the Omega Apostasy is not spiritual formation, contemplative  prayer or the new theology but constitutes the nature and practice of our medical work connected with the Seventh-day Adventist Church? Is this  correct?See SOME response here.

  • That is correct! Those who have joined the Society Of Medical Evangelists have a clear understanding of the Omega Apostasy which began in the medical work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, i.e. the Alpha or Kellogg Apostasy, and now thrives in the medical work of the Church.
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Is the Society Of Medical Evangelists affiliated with another medical missionary group using 'almost' the same identical name? See SOME response here.

  • No. We existed many years before that particular association was formed. Our existence can be traced back to 1990, when we officially accepted the specific call to... 'Arouse your associates to work under 'some' name whereby they may be organized to co-operate in harmonious action...' from which we form the name: Society Of Medic/Medical Evangelists or S.O.M.E.
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Why is the Society Of Medical Evangelists not closely united to other 'related' ministries?SSee SOME response here.

  • As desperate as we are for unity and harmonious actions and must achieve this in order to possess the Power necessary to finish the work, the separation of the Society from other 'popular'Adventist-based ministries is not willful or intentional but intrinsic due the difference of allegiance. As Christ servants, our first and foremost duty is to meet the greatest and most urgent need presently existing in His body.  When Jesus reveals to us, in His Testimonies, that we should first seek to meet the greatest and most urgent of all our needs then we are duty bound and constrained by His love to fulfill mission.  We have made this our first work and they have not.
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What are some of the major differences between the Society Of Medical Evangelists and other 'related' ministries?See SOME response here.

  • We seek to avoid promoting any differences that separates us and seek to press together on points of faith and practice that are calculated to unite us.  There are however, some major differences that cannot be reconciled under the present existing circumstances. Herein lies the most common legitimate points of divisions between this Society and other realted ministeries that need to be quickly resolve:
  • The Holy Spirit of Truth has clearly spoken or reveal to us through His messenger, the solemn situation that demands the meeting of the greatest and most urgent of all our needs first and foremost, to be accomplish among us. The Society has made this our first work, other realted ministries have made it secondary or subject to the pursual of their our own personal ministries. This point of difference involves our priorities. While these Adventist-based ministries are extremely busy seeking to meet every want, desires and needs' that they could possibly meet, both in the church and especially in the global community, this Society is primarily focused on meeting only one overwhelming necessity, which is the church’s' greatest and the most urgent need. What other ministries have omitted or view as least important, even as it were the lighter matters of the law, we have embraced as the most important, even as it is, the weightier matters of the Law and the Testimonies. 
  • Our understanding of what constitute the greatest and most urgent of all our needs and where and how this most urgent need is to be met is another point of difference that divides us.
  • The most disturbing point of difference would indicate that such ministries are unwittingly participating in the Omega Apostasy that is so prevalent among us, the heart of which is unbelief in the Testimonies.
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Is the Society Of Medical Evangelists an off-shoot or independent movement/community? See SOME response here.

  • Impossible! Our survival and usefulness depends on being vitally connected to the Remnant Church of Bible prophecy. Our very existence contradicts any and all forms of unsanctified independency. Any unsanctified independency jeopardizes our existence and would naturally make of none effect this Society's purpose and goal. If this Society is ever going to fulfill her God-ordained mission, which is to meet the greatest and most urgent of all our needs [i.e. within the SDA Church] then it is imperative for us to be 'among' the Adventist community as practicing medical missionary evangelists.  It is necessary for this Society to be present in and be intimately connected with the body of Christ. We cannot meet this need remotely, independent of, or apart from the organized Church.  We have placed much emphasis on the 'inspired' phrase, 'among us' because, according to inspiration, our greatest and most urgent need is a revival of true godliness 'among us'
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What real contribution is the Society Of Medical Evangelists making that is not already being undertaken by various church  ministries?See SOME response here.

  • We have an emergency, a crisis among us, presently existing in the body of Christ! This is not a 'make believe' emergency.  This Society did not create it.  We inherited it. Our church is experiencing respiratory arrest, spiritually speaking, and is in desperate need of resuscitation. This need is legitimate and no one else we know of, besides SOME, is responding to this emergency in an intelligent, practical way. We are working to maintain an open, clear, patent airway for the Spirit of God to move, while calling many as would hear us, to come up to the help of the Lord. By this our contribution should be obvious.  
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Why this constant call to join the Society Of Medical Evangelists?See SOME response here.

  • People grow better together
  • Because one of the best way to profit from the gospel preached is to join with the believing, obedient hearers of God's word
  • Because in unity there is strength
  • Our goal is not about the mere passing on of information but integration, not the mere sharing of content but pressing together in community.  
  • To connect with others who have also received the call to be a part of the 'Final Generation'.
  • To build, trust, confidence and community with those of like minds. This Society is looking to connect and work with practical gospel medical missionary laborers, not 'debaters'.  
  • To fellowship with those who are in the church and of the church [i.e. God's Seventh-day Adventist Church], and are willing to risk all for the advancement of the Kingdom of Heaven.
  • If they are not, as of yet, equipped to be gospel medical missionary evangelists and truly desires to be, this is a good place to begin.
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Does someone need to have a medical degree or medical background to join?See SOME response here.

  • No. A person does not need to have a medical degree of any kind or any degree of any kind to join the Society Of Medical Evangelists. 
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What are some of the benefits for signing up for membership?See SOME response here.

  • You will have opportunity to build and belong to a loving safe commandment-keeping community of consecrated medical missionary evangelists, in which to experience healing
  • You will be given pportunity to be a true committed friend and fellow companions of Christ and His Church on earth
  • An in-depth understanding of the greatest and most urgent of all our needs and how to meet it
  • The practical and most effective approach to meeting this need among us, once and for all.
  • Continuous support and encouragement to meet the standard of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour
  • All our resources available to implementing or put into effect the instructions by God's Spirit that has been long neglected and slighted, such as moving to the country, taking positive hold of gospel medical missionary work, gaining the victory over appetite and passion, overcoming the Laodicean condition etc.
  • Access to videos, audios and relevant articles available nowherelse online.
  • Community support, practical help and spiritual counsel for any and all legitimate problems that you are confronted with, whether in the home, at work or in the church.
  • A phone number with which to communicate with us from any part of the world in conference and dialog with other members
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Are there risks involved in joining the Society Of Medical Evangelists?See SOME response here.

  • Absolutely!
  • An nice salary plus guaranteed consistent regular increases for being Christ's disciple - trial and persecution
  • You will be hated of all
  • Your brethren who hate you, may cast you out... for Christ's sake
  • You will suffer reproach, insults and false accusations for doing that which is godly
  • In other words, houses, and brethren, and sisters, and mothers, and children, and lands, with persecutions; and in the world to come eternal life
  • In the long run, the benefits will eternally out weight the risks -- sign up now!
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Who would be interested in joining efforts with the Society Of Medical Evangelists in accomplishing this most needed revival?See SOME response here.

  • Those who want their first love back
  • Those who want to turn Christ grief and pain into joy
  • Those who possess the need to hasten the coming of Christ
  • Those who possess the ambition to finish the work
  • Those who are tired of the present Laodicean state of our church and are determine to personally overcome this condition
  • Those who want to be done with sin and sinning
  • Those who want to be done with the form of godliness and resolve to possess true godliness instead
  • Those who want to take gospel medical missionary work to the next level
  • Those whose commitment it is to glorify God in their bodies
  • Those who are ready to be equipped for practical service in the body of Christ
  • Those who are sighing and crying over the abominations being done in the church
  • Those who are not fooled by the form of godliness, the hollow or dead formalism that thrives in our church under the guise of divine worship
  • Those want to know what to effectively do to remedy our deplorable condition instead of standing by and complaining about what is not being done
  • Those who desire purity of heart and life
  • Those who want extra oil in their lamp
  • Those who want to know how to effective and practically get ready for the crisis ahead and for Christ's soon return
  • Those who are bruise, wounded in heart and life
  • Those who don't know where else to turn for real practical solutions to our moral dilemmas
  • Those who want to be fitted up for translation
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In what direction is SOME heading with the medical missionary work?See SOME response here.

  • The Society Of Medical Evangelists is heading in a completely different direction with the medical missionary work than the regular conventional or traditional approach taken in the past.The conventional approach ususally neglect the deplorable state of our lifeless churches which tends to maintain and support the overall diseased Laodicean condition while focusing more on individual wellness. Our remedial approach targets, not merely the wellness of physically diseased bodies of individuals but the lifeless spiritual body also which involves a work of clearing the airway of the body of Christ in order to initiate a revival of true godliness among us.
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How does meeting the greatest and most urgent of all our needs fullfill our other needs?See SOME response here.

  • When we accept and press toward the possession of true godliness as our ultimate goal in this life, then all our other needs, spiritual, mental, physical and social will as a consequence be fully met as a result, including the finishing of the work of the gospel in all the world.
  • Remember that our primary objective as Seventh-day Adventists is to vindicate the character of Jehovah God, which involves His character being perfectly reproduced in us. 
  • This means that we must intimately know what God is like and imitate what He is like in spirit, life, character and works. In other words, to permanently put on the holy, godlike life of Christ. This will not be possible until the greatest and most urgent of all our needs is met.
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Does The Society Of Medical Evangelists Have Concrete Varifiable Evidence That The S.D.A. Church Is Dead?See SOME response here.

We Have An Emergency!

What’s The Emergency?


The Seventh-Day Adventist Church is Dead!

What Do We Expect You To Do About That?!

“If God abhors one sin above another, of which His people are guilty, it is doing nothing in case of an emergency. Indifference and neutrality in a religious crisis is regarded of God as a grievous crime and equal to the very worst type of hostility against God.” 3T 281.

Imagined, you found your loved one sprawled out on the floor.  You shook the victim and shouted as you tried to wake up the victim, but your loved one remained unresponsive.  You frantically dialed the emergency number.  The emergency operator on the other end of the phone answered in response to your grim description of this emergency situation with the question, ‘So, what do you expect me to do about that?  Will this be your response to the emergency now existing among us?  Read on!


Indisputable Evidence from the Spirit of Prophey 


Have you ever heard someone or some group said: "THE CHURCH IS DEAD!" ... of course, meaning the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

They are right!

However, most of us who have been bold enough to declare this 'negative' news, though correct, have done so rather harshly & severely, as if this fact is 'good' news, in and of itself. 

This fact has NOT been presented in a manner that demonstrated the compassion of Christ nor the the preparedness of the good Samaritan to practically respond to this spiritual crisis among us!

The Society Of Medical Evangelists are now reporting this very fact in the context of the story of the good Samaritan, prepared to respond practically to this emergency and not in the context of the Priest and the Levi who passed by on the other side....!

Please read the following inspired quotations that clearly proved, beyond the shadow of a doubt, the incriminating allegations concerning the dead or lifelessness condition of God’s true Remnant Church today.  Then contact The Society Of Medical Evangelists immediately on how to correctly go about initiating a genuine and lasting revival of true godliness among us, for this is truly the greatest and most urgent of all our needs.  

Now before we can effectively meet this spiritual emergency, which directly contributed the greatest & most urgent of all our needs, we must first establish... DEATH, unresponsiveness or rather the 'lifelessness,' of our beloved Seventh-day Adventists Church.

This is one of the main reasons why any and all revivals among us have failed & continue to fail. Death or unresponsiveness has not been correctly established nor the kind or the type of death we are dealing with, thus a 'hit and miss' approach has always been the norm for even the very best of our layministers, evangelists and pastors alike.

The Society Of Medical Evangelists will now call into evidence the straight testimonies to bear witness of this moral dilemma of Christlessness in our midst, which is equivalent to the current dead Laodicean condition of the Seventh-day  Adventists Church.

Let us now move forward with Spirit Of Prophecy evidences that clearly confirmed this state of emergency among us, which demands the immediate response of the society of medical evangelists. 

Note: Sister E. G. White, as far as this Society know, made no apologies. She did not recant nor repent nor retract any of her strong pointed statements made to the Seventh-day Adventist Church concerning our demise, even up to the time of her death.  She dared not, because these were not her own words but the Straight Testimonies of the Faithful and True Witness, Jesus Christ!

[The ‘dates’ of the quotations are purposely included to dismiss any legitimate suspicion of an 'illegal' compilation intended to make as reality or to create as an ‘emergency’ of that which is not or does not presently exist].  

The SOP Evidence of Death! 



It is Satan's time to work, and a stormy future is before us, and the church should be awake to make an advance move that they may stand securely against Satan's plans. {4bSG 45.31860


The people are asleep, and the teachers are asleep.” RH, November 26, 1861 par. 13}


Men and women are in the last hours of probation, and yet are careless and stupid, and preachers have no power to arouse them; they are asleep themselvesSleeping ministers preaching to a sleeping people!  {2T 337; GW92 121.2} 1871


“We are living at a time when Satan is at work on the right hand and on the left, before and behind us; and yet as a people we are asleep. God wills that a voice shall be heard arousing His people to action.”  {5T 708.3} July 9,1887}


A sleepy, Christless church, quarreling and surmising evil, will have no reward, and need look for no revival, unless its members repent, and do the first works.”  {RH, June 26, 1888 par. 9}


Spiritual death has come upon the people that should be manifesting life and zeal, purity and consecration, by the most earnest devotion to the cause of truth. The facts concerning the real condition of the professed people of God, speak more loudly than their profession, and make it evident that some power has cut the cable that anchored them to the Eternal Rock, and that they are drifting away to sea, without chart or compass.”  {RH, July 24, 1888 par. 1}


 “Why are so many contented with the feeble, lifeless condition of our churches? The heavenly universe is looking with amazement upon our Christless work.” {1888 138.3} October 21, 1888.


"The watchmen on the walls of Zion are asleep."  {1888 421.2}

“The True Witness says of a cold, lifeless, Christless church, "I know thy works,… “ {1888 387.2}Tuesday, July 23, 1889


“The Lord has made us as a people the depositaries of his truth; this truth is fraught with eternal interests, and yet we are spiritually dead.” {RH, May 6, 1890 par. 9}


The church is asleep while Satan is sowing his tares”.  {18MR 159.3}  1892


“Today there are few who are heartily serving God. The most of those who compose our congregations are spiritually dead in trespasses and sins.” {RH, April 4, 1893 par. 4}


But the churches are not awake. New life must enter into the churches. The last work of warning and mercy for a fallen world is being done. {15MR 222.3} 1895


“Make regular, organized effort to lift the churches out of the dead level into which they have fallen and have remained for years.”  TM 416, 1898.


A sleeping church does not realize how many are hungering for the truth.”  {21MR 32.3} 1898


Make regular, organized efforts to lift the church members out of the dead level in which they have been for years. 6T 267, 1901.


 “There is not the semblance of an excuse for the lifeless condition of a people who know the plain "Thus saith the Lord." {ST, August 14, 1901 par. 5}


“Christ cannot cooperate with a dead church.” {2SAT 177.6} October 5, 1901


“Christ refers to the lifeless, purposeless messages given in our churches, when he says, "I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot:…” 

The ministers are asleep; the lay members are asleep; and a world is perishing in sin. May God help them to arouse, and walk and work as men on the borders of the eternal world! Soon an awful surprise is coming upon the inhabitants of the earth. {RH, March 3, 1903 par. 7, 8}


“This is what has been presented to me--that we are asleep, and do not know the time of our visitation. But if we humble ourselves before God, and seek Him with the whole heart, He will be found of us.” --Letter 54, 1906. {21MR 438.3} January 30, 1906


“God will not accept any excuse for backsliding, for continuing in a cold, lifeless condition spiritually.” RH, March 22, 1906 par. 1}


“May the Lord help you as His servant to appeal to the ministers and to arouse the sleeping churches.  {CD 161.5} 1909?


Professed Christians are asleep.” {RH, January 21, 1909 par. 13}


“Study the 9th chapter of Ezekiel. These words will be literally fulfilled; yet the time is passing, and the people are asleep.” Letter 106, 1909, September 26, 1909



If there are not enough here to convince you that the Seventh-day Adventist Church is dead, asleep, sleeping, spiritually dead or such like, then nothing else could! Lifeless, sleeping, cold... are words used, not merely to describe one and the same condition but the very nature of the condition, thus it is not a hopeless condition.

Why do we ask you to contact The Society Of Medical Evangelists first and foremost? Because when we have a medical emergency or a life threatening emergency we do not want to call upon non-medical personnel, such as our pastors, evangelists or laypreachers who have not yet taken a decided hold of true medical missionary work. We need to call upon a trained medical missionary emergency team who know precisely what to do about this specific emergency situation predicted in advanced.

The Society Of Medical Evangelists [SOME] represent that knowledgeable team or a consecrated community of trained and equipped medical missionary evangelists who are best prepared to meet this emergency which is also identified in the Testimonies of Jesus Christ, as being the root cause of the greatest and most urgent of all our needs...

This Society do not have the space or the time in this newsletter to delineate the numerous failed attempts at initiating an awakening among us. Revivals after revivals have come and gone, is going on and is to come but none will succeed until the medical missionary work is given its rightful place in the church, which is dead and dying!

Any attempt at any revival among us that neglects the medical missionary work will result in a counterfeit. This is why it is so very important to understand the place and importance of true medical missionary work in meeting this emergency of spiritual unconsciousness among us.

The Society Of Medical Evangelists are a part of those who are to clear the way for the resurrection of 'dry bones.' The medical missionary work is the pioneer work..., the first responders on this scene of this specific spiritual emergency & our ministers need to cooperate with us or get out of the way of those who are prepared to prepare the way for this needful revival.

The Great Physician Himself has taken great pains to spell out the very nature of this specific spiritual emergency via His messenger to the Remnant, Sister White. The Society Of Medical Evangelists, functioning as the Great Physician's assistants have grasp the magnitude of this spiritual urgency among us with a correct understanding that will guarantee results.

Remember to contact The Society Of Medical Evangelists immediately after reviewing the Spirit Of Prophecy evidences that clearly confirmed us as the dry bones of Ezekiel 37 indeed. The signs & symptoms seen & heard among us clearly confirmed the Tesimony of the Fatihful and True Witness via the writings of Sister Ellen G. White.
No other spiritual 'program' or revival attempts now or is to come, whether it be prayer groups of any and all  kinds by any Church Conference or Independent movement which are in earnest for the latter rain will ever succeed or have any long term effect... until the medical missionaries become united to lead out in this most urgent matter.

The Society Of Medical Evangelists, we truly believe, have the answers that will not be found any place else, at this time. We are trained to work with the Church and the gosel ministry. We have a good understanding of how this revival is to take place under the ministration of the Holy Spirit.

The key to initiating a true awakening among us that will not quit but rather climax into the Loud Cry of the third angel lies within having a true understanding and correct application true medical missionary work... a work that if rightly done guarantees the outpouring the Holy Spirit without measure.

To be continued in the next newsletter! 

Note: The unedited version 
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